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If, on a summer night, you find yourself scanning the Gulf of Trieste from the top of Trieste, you are surprised to see the myriad of scattered lights interrupting the darkness of the sea. They are the lights of the fishermen.
A suggestive spectacle that from afar does not reveal the hard and hectic work of the fishermen who, using the “saccaleva” fishing method, used in Trieste since the 1930s, bring the blue fish to our tables.
Thanks to this technique, the fish arrives fresh, whole and shiny, something that does not happen with other fishing methods, such as trawling.
By night, every fishing boat goes to monitor with the help of the on-board tools the fishing area, the indispensable intuition of the “capobarca” (Boat Fishing Master) and the experience of the crew, are the binomial for a good caught. Once the flock has been identified and the lamps are lit, the purse netting is lowered and at the end it closes at the bottom and rises. Hence the term “saccaleva”. When the fish is now concentrated in the “cul de sac”, using a bucket net, it is brought by boat, after which it is sorted. Giancarlo and Elisabetta inaugurated this magic place in 2004, thus creating an idea and a desire born many years before. The adventure began in 1993 in the small port of Muggia with the old “Mauroner”, which then became “Beta” and a young Giancarlo, “capobarca” at the time still inexperienced but enterprising and strong of the experience and the ability of his dad Aldo, always at his side and still irreplaceable.
The boats have changed: Beta II, Bubu II, Beta 2000 until the last Beta 3000.
What does not change is our passion for the sea that we want to share with our customers and we believe there is no better way to savor it, a good dish of our blue fish.
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